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Don’t fall in love with your jail cell

Updated: May 28, 2020

So you were told that you could be free from bondage – and you believed it. You got the scriptures and you started to fight only to find out that the thing isn’t budging or it seems to be getting even worse. Maybe you’ve been trying to fight a pornography addiction for a while but now that you’re trying to be direct with it, the temptation is getting worse. Perhaps your situation is one related to mental health but the more you desired freedom, the more the sporadic thoughts, panic attacks and heaviness. So after a period of trying to break free, you began to stop and accept your situation. You began to plan how you would live life bound. You began to think about how you could make yourself comfortable in your jail cell. But guess what, it doesn’t matter if you add a TV, if you add a sofa or if you change the bed, you are still behind bars when the Lord has declared you free. Don’t try to renovate a place that God has called you out of.

You could be in a place of depression, anxiety, broken heartedness, addiction, rejection and/or countless other things. The question isn’t whether the bondage you are experiencing is real- it is and it’s painful. But the question you must ask yourself is whether according to The Word, this is God’s portion for your life. “Well Della, it all started when I did X, Y and Z. Those things weren’t Godly so here I am”. OK, perhaps sin opened the door however the goodness of God desires to close that door. If sin did open the door, repent (change your mind) and know that God desires you free.

What does it mean to recognize your jail cell? It’s about recognizing that the bondage you may be currently experiencing isn’t your identity- it is not the essence of you. Some of you have been bound for so long now that you believe that the bondage is who you are. For instance, believing that you are just a person that no one likes and that no one loves. No beloved, that is not true and that’s a rejection issue that you need to deal with.  The issue is your current reality but it isn’t your identity and it isn’t how and what God created you to be. Do you know what that means? You can change because before you became bound there was a God that made freedom available. Before you were bound, there was a God that had good thoughts towards you and planned good plans for your life. In order to walk in this though you must fall out of love with your jail cell and see it for exactly what it is- bondage. Recognize that some of the traits you have accepted as who you are are actually the result of your brokenness and negative past experiences.

If this rings a bell, I pray that you would hear it! If this is you, don’t get comfortable with how things have been so far. You might need a new strategy in order to receive freedom. You might need to get more practical, more spiritual or even both but either way, keep trying. Even if this isn’t you but you know that your faith has been faltering – don’t give up. If you were to hold onto the word of God again and recognize the jail bars around you for what they are, you would be one step closer to having the freedom that belongs to you.

As long as you are breathing, it’s a new day. A day where you can decide to pick up the sword which is The Word and swing like never before. A day where you believe that God did not create you to be depressed, suicidal, in bondage, in sin, in unforgiveness, bitter, depleted, rejected and alone. Yes, today is the day where you can reject the garment that satan has been trying to clothe you with and adopt the mind of Christ.

You have to notice the jail that your soul may be in and say, “I will not be comfortable here. I will not adopt this as my home. I will not plan my life from this place, I will move from this place”. How bad do you want it??? Once you want freedom bad, read the books, watch the sermons, do whatever it takes to understand the nature of this jail. How does it work? What’s this jail’s set up? For instance, if it’s depression, understanding what may have triggered it and what habits may be maintaining it would be a good starting point. It is important to understand what has been holding you captive. It has been studying you, it knows you so you might as well understand it and not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. Fight with understanding and keep warring.

Sometimes you have to war for freedom but understand that you are warring from a place of victory. You are being held as a prisoner when the palace is yours and living as one without an inheritance when you are an heir. War from that mindset beloved.

A few scriptures on God’s power to deliver

Psalm 107:6– Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.

Psalm 50:15– And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.

2 Samuel 22:2– The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer

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