• Della Enam

God can you heal me? Am I beyond repair?

This is a question many have asked themselves in relation to emotional healing. We hear that God can heal our souls but we often look at our wounds caused by life experiences and question this reality. Some of us have been through abuse, rape, failed relationships, disappointment and other things that have left us broken. We muse on what we’ve heard about God’s healing power, we look at our broken states and think “God can you heal me? Am I beyond repair?” Being transparent it’s a question I have asked God many times. Yes God has broken things of me; I thank God I’m no longer in a place of depression and that I can remember certain memories without no longer feeling emotional pain but there are still things that I’m believing God for in regards to healing.

One day as I was musing on my crevices I got fed up. I was thankful for all that God had healed me from but also fed up about the parts of my soul that just seemed stagnant. So I did the best thing to do when you don’t know what to do; I began to cry out to God. So there I was literally crying out to God asking Him these questions “God can you heal me, Am I beyond repair. What am I doing wrong? I’m praying, I’m fasting, I believe but things aren’t budging”. I continued to reiterate this question in various ways and then later went to sleep. Next day was church; service was amazing as usual and finished with a free flow of worship. Suddenly at that moment God began to answer my question from the night before, so I picked up my pen and paper, wrote it all down and this is what I want to share with you. Some of you are believing in God to heal your wounds, to take away the pain from that memory, to put you back together again and what God began to teach me is the healing power of continuous intimacy with Jesus Christ. First may I prefix that even though God said this to me, this is His thoughts towards every broken soul. So if that includes you, this is God to you. May it resound and be a blessing.

“You asked me what you were doing wrong. You aren’t going deep enough.. Go deeper. That is where your healing is, where your deliverance is; in my weighty presence. In heaven there are no broken hearts, there is only love, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Broken hearts come from the fall and come from man. I create all things perfect and I recreate all things perfect. So in order for your soul to be made new you must go deeper and find the place of glory, the weighty place of goodness and perfectness. This will cause that which is in heaven in glory to be made manifest in you and change your soul. What is in your soul is a broken system that doesn’t reflect my pattern. As you worship and as you go deep you will become whole, your soul has no choice but to subject itself to my pattern and my pattern is wholeness and perfectness. I will recreate you, you are not beyond me. As long as you are in me and you’re truly where I am, you will become who I have created you to be. My heart burns for your wholeness, I care. I care and I will never stop caring. So no, your brokenness is not too much for me. But know that your healing is in me because healing is me. So abide and go deeper!”

Let me just explain and expound on this above paragraph because as God was saying this to me it just made SO much sense. Okay so *clears throat* God is perfect and God reigns. God has a perfect pattern for everything and created all things perfect. This perfectness was distorted due to the fall of man (Genesis 3) however Heaven still remains perfect (complete and good). That is why we are to pray “Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. Heaven is our example and Earth is called to reflect Heaven. Now when God thought of you and planned you before the foundations of the world you were whole and complete. However due to being born into this corrupted world and going through certain things it has distorted you from being who you were originally made to be. Thus a person created to be whole has become broken.

A broken soul is incomplete and imperfect by default. This means that it can’t truly reflect the pattern of God because God is a God of completeness. Due to the fact that God reigns and God is perfect everything that He comes in contact with must be subjected to His will. He is truly glorious but how close you are to Him determines the level of glory you experience. For example the sun is really hot but how close you are determines the amount of heat you experience. Due to how hot the sun is, if the earth was positioned any closer to it life would have no choice but to cease to exist simply due to the sun’s nature. Same way with God! He is perfect, He is good, He is whole and there is an intimacy with Him that gives your being no choice but to come into order and healing! Body, soul and Spirit. He is like an extremely clean person who when invited (note I said invited) to a friend’s house who is dirty can’t help but to tidy up. It is in His nature. All creation is subject to Him!

So guess what? The things that you’ve gone through may have left you with some aches, bruises and wounds but those things aren’t too big for Him! Because of who God is, your healing is simply just natural to Him. Don’t let the enemy speak lies and tell you that you are beyond repair. That abuse, that rape, that death, that loss, that hurt isn’t enough to take you off God’s path- He’s got you!! He created your soul. Bible says that he created your inmost being and knitted you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-14). He created your inmost being, which is your soul so guess what? He can recreate this part of you. What is your soul? It’s your mind, will, emotions, and intellect. When we go through emotional pain also when we sin what it does is it damages our soul. It creates distortions and strongholds in this fragile part of our being but God can re program the soul through the power of His spirit.

So besides Intimacy with Jesus what are some other practical steps you can take in order to receive your healing?

A photo I drew illustrating Psalms 147:3

  1. Believe!- The Word says in Luke 4:18 that “Christ came to set the captive free”. Psalms 147:3 says God “Heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds”. Another amazing verse is John 14:13 which says “Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son”. It is faith in Christ’s promises that allowed people in the gospels to receive their healing and it’s disbelief in God ability to heal that hindered healing. I really believe that faith is a choice; you can choose what you believe in. However there may be strongholds in your mind that make it harder for you to choose. At times like this pray ‘God help me in my unbelief!’

  2. Speak the word over yourself in and out of prayer- So find every scripture you can on healing (Google is great for this) and speak and apply the scripture to you. For example ‘according to His word, by His stripes I am healed!’. On the flip side, be careful not to speak any negative words over yourself. Healing is a process, don’t give up when you don’t see what you’re expecting. Just bring that frustration to God and refrain from speaking anything over yourself that God isn’t saying,

  3. Come to God in your real state- Oh Lawd Jesus! This one is real. Meaning remove the mask and be real. He is your father who loves you. If you’re in pain say ‘God I’m in pain’. If you need to cry until your eyes are red do it. Just make sure you keep on pressing. He wants you to be real.

  4. Surround yourself with empathetic friends- Bible says ‘confess your sins to one another and you will be made whole’. There is healing in being transparent and speaking with another believer, I highly suggest it. Be led by the Holy Spirit and choose wisely. If in doubt ask God and He will lead you. Excluding those you relate to as a mentor/leader, it’s best to keep it same sex.  Also on this note let the friends be empathetic not sympathetic. Sympathetic friends will only make you feel sorry for yourself and help you throw a pity party. Self-pity is really destructive with healing because it stops you being active in pursing your healing, makes you lethargic, bitter and keeps you stagnant as you become angry with everyone for your condition. Watch out for friends on the other extreme though.. The apathetic ones. You know the it-ain’t-that-deep-being-broken-is-for-wimps-get-over-it-instantly type. Friends like that can make you push your broken pieces under the carpet of false smiles and a hard exterior; it is not the one. Empathetic friends will attempt to understand your pain regardless of whether it is something that would cause them the exact intensity of pain. They will encourage you and help you on your pursuit to wholeness. God is great but He didn’t make us to be alone, we all need each other.

  5. Understand that it is a process- Healing can happen instantly but in most occasions it happens over time. It took a process to become broken and it takes a process to become whole. In this time of seeking God for healing remember that it is process. You might have a powerful time praying in regards to a soul tie and then see your ex the next day and feel some type of way; it happens. But use these instances as fuel to keep going.

I say all that to say this. Things will get better one day. One day you will remember that memory without there being any pain. One day you will be able to share what you’ve been through to encourage others. One day you will be free. In God’s timing He makes all things new and I want to encourage you that He will make you new. It is His promise to you but you have to practically press in for this healing.

So can God heal you? Yes. God longs to heal you. Are you beyond repair? No. The God that created the earth, the galaxies, the stars, can recreate you and He will if you will allow Him.